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Besides the production and distribution of PPE and Technical Textiles, we also provide effective protection for technology equipment and working environment. We can made customer compensators, cuffs and refractory curtains to protect the environment against thermal risks, including welding DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR IT - VIA YOUR OWN SPECIFICATIONS.

We process and offer exclusively the highest quality fabrics - special technical textiles from leading European manufacturers. SAFEPRO offer includes a carefully selected range of "homogeneous" and "hybrid" fabrics, which are divided into material Series according to the composition and heat resistance. Technical textiles are made on the basis of natural fibres such as Thermoglass (E-type fibre) and the Silica, but on the basis of synthetic and semi-synthetic fibres such as Para-Aramid, PBI®, Preox™ and Rayon, too.

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