Series 900: Para-Aramid/Carbon (Preox)

Series 900 includes a mixture of refractory fabrics for maximum heat resistance. A mixture of fibres (Para-Aramid, Preox™) can be homogeneous or hybrid (carbon bundle core wrapped by PA fibres). It is available as woven fabrics with different densities, widths and thicknesses (weight from 200 to approx. 600 g/m2). The default temperature resistance (approx. 500°C) it is given by the material composition and depends on the fabric structure. Temperature resistance can be increased by the further treatment for a short period.

RAC 370 K AL

Aluminised blend of Para-Aramid and Carbon (Preox™) fibers at cross twill weave, approx. 520 g/m2.

TAC 69-600

Blend of Para-Aramid and Carbon (Preox™) fibers at twill weave, approx. 600 g/m2, temperature range also higher than 500°C.


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