Series 400: Para-Aramid (Kevlar®, Twaron®)

Series 400 combines thermal and mechanical protection by a balanced way. It includes homogeneous refractory fabrics (Para-Aramid) and hybrid fabrics. Smoother textiles are made of filament fibers (Kevlar® or Twaron®). It is available as knitted, woven and non-woven fabrics with various densities, widths and thicknesses. Typical weight is from 200 to 800 g/m2. The thermal resistance is ~450°C, it is given by the material composition, it depends on the structure and can be increased above 500°C by further treatment.

IFK 1380

100% Kevlar®, interlock knit, approx 200 g/m2, temperature range up to 450°C.

TA 325

100% Para-Aramid, cross twill, 325 g/m2, temperature range up to 450°C.

DARA 352

Non woven Needlona® felt, 100% Para-Aramid, approx, 350 g/m2, temperature range up to 450°C.

TA 600

100% Para-Aramid in twill weave, approx, 600 g/m2, temperature range up to 500°C.

TA 370 AL

Aluminised 100% Para-Aramid in cross twill, approx. 460 g/m2.

JT 1063 ALU

30% TWARON®, 70% Para-Aramid, aluminised fleece, approx. 490 g/m2.

Sewing thread K, T Mn 50/4

Sewing thread K, 100 % Twaron®, T Nm 50/4, temperature range up to 400°C.

Metal sewing thread K, TS 2100

Metal sewing thread, steel core (62 %) and Twaron® (38 %) fibre sheathing, TEX 210, temperature range up to 800°C.


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