Series 100: Rayon and Preox

Series 100 - homogeneous fabrics based on non-combustible semi-synthetic Rayon or Preox fibres that are available as woven (Rayon) fabrics or non-woven (Preox) of various densities, widths and thickness. Typical weight of Rayon is approx. 470 g/m2 (with AL "Cleanguard®" coating 580 g/m2) and 300 or 500 g/m2 of Preox. Series 100 meets the specifications required by the standards for PPE with a reserve and it pushes these textiles among the top of materials for the production of special PPE.

DR 5451 ALU

100% Rayon, Cleanguard® aluminised cross twill, approx. 580 g/m2.


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