Gloves of Series K (up to 250°C of contact heat)

The three-layer
construction - outer shell fabric from material Series K,
- middle felt layer (additional insulation) and
- Inner layer made of 100% cotton for contact with the skin.

Gloves are designed for work and handling with subjects up to 250°C, briefly up to about 450°C. Gloves provide reliable protection against all types of heat risks.

We supply gloves in universal size with the possibility of customization (in accordance with EN Standards).

Gloves 1K900AL - 5K

Five-finger gloves with aluminized backside. Protection against all types of heat risks. Recommended to use in up to 500°C of contact heat.

Gloves 1K900 - 5K

Five-finger gloves without aluminized back - not designed to protect against radiant heat. Recommended to use in up to 250°C contact heat.


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