Glove accessories and modifications

Gloves from all series can be user-modified:
- Palm reinforce
, extension, use of various material combinations,
equipped with standard accessories such as:
- Universal
pad for increasing protection against contact heat, universal pullover or steel chain "armour" increasing resistance and durability of gloves.

We can modify design according to needs and wishes of the customer (in accordance with the requirements of applicable EN).

1/400 - Gloves Slipover

Universal gloves slipover.

1/800 - Gloves Slipover

Universal gloves slipover.

Ch400 - Palm Pad

Palm pad, universal glove accessory.

ZD400 - Palm Reinforcement

Palm reinforcement.

ZD800 - Palm Reinforcement

Palm reinforcement.

M1 - Cuff extension

Cuff extension 1x.

M2 - Cuff extension

Cuff extension 2x.


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