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SAFEPRO Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer and supplier of protective clothing, gloves and textiles against extreme thermal risks and aggression of industrial environments. Complete line of our own products complement separated items for additional protection of head and face. Beside the production and distribution of special PPE and technical textiles, our work is also focused on protection of technologies against unwanted thermal effects. Our products are designed for all operations with challenging thermal processes.

Beginnings of the operation go back to the years 1990/1991 and are directly linked to years of experience of our stable business partners. We process exclusively the highest quality fabrics within EU or US origin. Textiles are processed in-house, and it allows us to accept non-standard requirements "online" from our customers.

We offer OVER 25 YEARS of EXPERIENCE in protection against thermal risks.

We specialize exclusively on heat protection and offer solutions for professional security of workplaces endangered by thermal risks – nowadays with long year’s experience.

Professional protection against thermal risks

Extremely radiant heat as well as contact heat, open flame, hot melt spray, ardent or burning particles often threaten the safety of people in difficult industrial environments. If such risks exist in your workplace, they endanger you and your employees and you must be effectively protected against them.


Our offer

These pages contain basic information about standard products. Besides the items listed above, we offer modifications based on customers requirements and our experience with catalogue products.

SAFEPRO offer also includes a carefully selected range of "homogeneous" and "hybrid" technical textiles, which are divided into a Series by the material composition and heat resistance.

After years of experience with domestic production and cooperation with many customers, including end-users, we also want to use this opportunity to address all of the potential buyers from abroad and to offer our expertise in this challenging field.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to consult and solve technical problems.


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